My Case Study – How I Retired Quickly and Easily!

Proof of Earnings Below

In this Video I Prove that I Had Earned 58,000 Euro, True or True?

Disclaimer: “Business online success requires the right mindset, skill and doing things in the certain way. I cannot promise you that you will semi-retire like I did, or make any money at all. It is my experience that your success with this program depends on your daily proof of work. It is my belief that by completing the micro steps in this case study over and over again every day for at least a 90 day period, something magical starts to happen and you will meet with success”.  

Hey Friend, it’s Leo here ๐Ÿ™‚

Digital marketer, investor, fundraiser, legacy builder and also known as Tutorman.

I’m here to serve you and provide massive value in my capacity as a digital marketer!

In 2016, I became I semi-retired with an opportunity where I recruited about 70 personal members; I made more than USD$100,000+, and I had developed a team of more than 7000 members.

I reached a level of Team Leader!

This case study is for you, if you are:
1. A freedom seeker;
2. Someone willing to write down your goals and dreams and date when you will achieve it;
3. Willing to take massive imperfect action to achieve your goals and dreams!

In this case study and video series you will learn:
The micro-steps that I use(d) to become semi-retired;
And many more secrets!

The Action Steps I Use To Start and Grow My Business Online!


Micro Step 1Sign Up Click Here!

Micro Step 2Upgrade to VIP!

Micro Step 3 – ‘Go All In’

This is good because you will become a 100% user and will now have the authority to market all of the products!


Free Trial – First Month FREE (Then only $19 monthly!)

Micro Step 4 – Click Here to Join Aweber!

This is good because it helps you set up your business automation!

Micro Step 5 – Add Email to Follow Up Series in Aweber!

Subject:  Congratulations {!email}
Hey {!firstname_fix},
Leo Here ๐Ÿ™‚
This is a little something from me
for being such an awesome
subscriber ๐Ÿ™‚

==> Congratulations – Grab Your Surprise!

It has changed my life and
the lives of many others too,
so pretty sure you’ll enjoy it!

Wishing you a great 2020…

Talk soon,

This is good because this email is a high converting email, the same email that I received to join this opportunity!

Solo Deals

Micro Step 6 – Join Udimi – Click Here!

This is good because this traffic source has many buyer leads that we can get quickly and easily!

Micro Step 7 – Create a Tracking Link with

This is good because we can accurately track our traffic purchase to know we are not getting ripped off!

Micro Step 8 – Add a Text Ad to Udimi With Clickmeter Tracking Link to Opportunity Landing Page

This is good because we can send the traffic to a high converting email message!

Micro Step 9 – Buy a Solo Deal in Udimi for ~$50 and Select Text Ad!

Clickmeter Traffic Readings:

*Results of Udimi Solo Ad Traffic from Loren Reed =
110 Clicks, 43 Signups and 0 Sales So Far!
(Optin Rate of 39.09%)

Country Traffic:
USA = 79; GB = 10; AUS = 8; NZ = 4; CAN = 3; PAK = 2; IND = 2; SA = 2.

Data: Link [ ] Was Used, But the Text Ad I Supplied Was Not Used!

This is good because we can test this traffic and learn about list building!

I dipped my toes and got 24 optins and 1 sale!

Micro Step 10 – Go to Marketing + Traffic + Start Campaign Section!

Micro Step 11 – Buy 100 Clicks of Traffic to ‘Dip Your Toes In’

What may happen is visitors will join our list; they may buy a low cost product; they may upgrade to become a VIP and business builder! 

*Results of Heal Traffic = 24 Signups and 1 Sale! (My First Sale Online)

Take Control of Your Paid Traffic and Business!

The goal is to get low cost PPC traffic under 10 cents per click and target the business builders!

Micro Step 12 – Go to Join Microsoft Ads

Micro Step 13 – Setup Microsoft Ads Campaign

Micro Step 14 – Pay for the Microsoft Ads Campaign


Micro Step 15 – Read The Documents and Watch the Videos Found in the Digital Products Every Day!

This is good because you will become an online marketing expert.

Micro Step 16 – Get Big Profile Profits and Do Facebook Marketing – Click Here to Access!

Video Step 1: Making the Million Dollar Brand with $1 – A Dollar and a Dream
Video Step 2: FB Content Blueprint – Big Profile Profits Content
Video Step 3: Attracting Buyers – Friend List
Video Step 4: Facebook Messenger Method
Video Step 5: Residual Daily Routine
Video Step 6: Profitable Live Streams – Facebook Live
Video Step 7: Cash Flow Follow Up!

This is good because you will become a Facebook marketing expert.

Learn from the digital product ‘how to’ videos and take imperfect action applying the strategies that you had learned!

Micro Step 17 – Join Heal VIP Facebook Group!

Micro Step 18 – Attend Live Heal Webinars and Online Events!

Micro Step 19 – Join My Private Facebook Group – ‘Tutorman Blueprint’
In Tutorman Blueprint Video Value Series You Will Learn How to Take Action On Each Micro-Step in This Guide!
– Write Your Story Templates
– Business Strategy Secrets
– Marketing System Secrets
– Product Creation Secrets
– Website Traffic Secrets
– Business Automation Secrets
– Conversion Secrets

Micro Step 20 – One-On-One Mentoring with Tutorman

Tutorman Helping People to Help Themselves!

This is good because when you upgrade to VIP, you receive one-on-one mentoring in real-time from Tutorman to overcome all of your online challenges!

Got Any Questions?

I’m Leo Hokkanen
also known as Tutorman
Helping People to Help Themselves and Freeing the World!

P.s. – When you complete step 20, just repeat the steps to make more money online!

Q1 – How Do We Get Our Money Out?
A1 – We Get Our Commissions Out With PayQuicker and a Heal Debit Visacard!


Commissions will be paid out weekly on Friday via PayQuicker.

Commission payouts are sent out on Friday if you have earned more than $10. You will receive an email invite to register for a HEAL Payquicker Account upon your first commission payout.

Once registered for your Heal Payquicker account, you can request to have an ATM/Debit card mailed to you or if you are located in the USA, you can link a bank account to transfer your earnings directly to your own bank.

If you have already set yours up:
Click Here To Login To Your HEAL PAYQUICKER Account